Doug Isenberg Quoted in 'Trademarks & Brands Online'

Doug Isenberg of The GigaLaw Firm was quoted in an article titled "Protection: doing more with less" in Trademarks & Brands Online. The article, which discusses the importance that trademark owners should place on protecting their brands on the Internet, says:

Douglas Isenberg of GigaLaw Firm emphasises the importance of protection and the vital need for funds to support it, especially since online activity has made infringement easier and more prevalent.


According to Isenberg, “A brand can be a company’s most valuable asset, so obtaining and protecting trademarks has never been more important. The internet has made the world a much smaller place, enabling companies to sell products or services in countries that were not long ago accessible only to the biggest or best-funded players. As a result, it’s essential to be proactive about obtaining trademark rights in more jurisdictions around the globe and then identifying and enforcing those rights.


“The internet creates both opportunities and challenges. For example, the ease with which anyone can register a domain name that contains someone else’s trademark—also referred to as cybersquatting—makes it more likely that a trademark owner will encounter legal problems, but domain name dispute policies also make it easier to resolve them. In all instances, having adequate trademark rights is essential.”

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